Welcome to this, my love letter to podcasting

Make your podcast sound great

Who am I?

My name is Javier Matusevich, I'm from Mar del Plata (Argentina), and I'm a tech and podcasting enthusiast. 

I've been an avid fan of podcasts and radio pretty much my whole life, and I've become a podcaster myself during the past few years. 

I cohosted and produced for Team Cockroach, a regular podcast on The Incomparable Network about NBC's show The Good Place. It's been a lively place of debate and speculation since august 2017, occasionally featuring lovely guests like Dan Moren, Glenn Fleishman, Jason Snell and others.

I'm also on a podcast about Neon Genesis Evangelion called Get in the Freaking Podcast, and I'm always working in lots of other podcast projects yet to be revealed. If that wasn't enough, I'm also an editor for someone else's Evangelion-and-something-else podcast, You Cannot Review, by Tim and Lucas.

I was also a featured guest in the podcast Friends in your Ears hosted by wonderful Kathy Campbell, another great podcast from the Incomparable Network. I've since been working on the edit for the aforementioned podcast.

I've also been featured on Quinn Rose's Corner Of The Sky, and Jason Snell's own The Incomparable Podcast.

What can I do for you?

Find your workflow,

I can help you get started with your podcast, from setting up an RSS feed to finding the right microphone that works for you.

Let it shine,

I'll edit your episodes and make sure they're sounding their best, with no uhs, umms, false starts and other flubs.

Share it with the world!

I'll upload it to your chosen CMS, write shownotes (with chapter markers), share it on your social media, and make sure it sounds great everywhere.

Why should you choose me?

Look, honest time here. I, like many budding podcasters, mess up during podcast recordings on a regular basis. As such, I need to get it right in the edit, and that's where I truly shine. I've spent hundreds of hours listening to myself and my cohost talk, tweaking every minute detail.

If I can do that, I'm certain I can produce your show and make it sound even better. And not only help with the quality of the content, but I can also work on the form: level your audio, sync yours and your guests' tracks, deal with connection problems, clean up noise, remove echoes, insert your intro and outro music, splice in your sponsors' ads.  

I got you. Just show up for the show and talk. 

Any Questions?

Lovingly produced in

 Mar del Plata, Argentina

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